Welcome to Croesus-Mode.com

The aim of Croesus Mode is to provide a weblog-style investment newsletter. We focus on the demonstration of mechanical trading systems, and we track the performance of such a system on this site. The Croesus-Mode system is discussed under the Trading Systems tab in the menu at the top of the page.

Registered users may view the positions as our system generates the entries and exits, and may download historical positions generated through back-testing. We also graph the back-testing results showing the performance of our system over the last several years. This back-testing helps us demonstrate the soundness of the Croesus-Mode system, and of mechanical trading techniques in general. This information should help you develop and test trading systems of your own design.

Registration is free - the only requirement being an acknowledgement that any trades taken on the basis of this information are at your own risk. As with any investing, past results do not guarantee future performance. It is recommended that you seek the advice of a qualified investment advisor prior to undertaking any new investments.

Thanks for your support - The Management at Croesus-mode.com

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